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Category: Early faults

The first batch of 790 Adventure suffered some common issues. Those will be fixed over time, but if you get a new bike it’s a good idea to check if you are affected by some.

Gear lever linkage screws not tightened properly

Check the screws linking the gear knuckle and the gear linkage. It has been reported multiple times that these screws like to fly away. There is nothing to stop the screws from unscrewing, and no thread locking from factory. Remove those bolts and use of a thread-locking liquid before putting them back (Loctite or equivalent).

The manual list the torque for those bolts at 10Nm (7.4 lbf ft), and the use of Loctite®243TM or equivalent (Page 333 of the R version of the manual). Do not overtorque “for safety”: the knuckle is aluminium, over torquing will destroy the threads.

Image from Éric Noyau on advrider KTM 790 adventure thread
Image by Roy Andersen on the facebook group ‎KTM 790 Adventure

Oil leak

Bikes were reported to leak oil on the rear left side. For most bikes this is not a leak: this is chain lube. It collects in the pinion cover and runs down the engine. The chain out of the factory is coated with a very fine oil that is very liquid when warming up. As long as you don’t see the oil level decrease in the engine just forget about it and ride.

Image from Rinus Werkhoven‎ on the Facebook group KTM 790 Adventure

Image from Rickard Holtemark‎ on the Facebook group KTM 790 Adventure

But is seems that a small number of bikes may be affected by a leak from the oil sump gasket.

From Christian van Mertherson on facebook

What is this grommet for?

In the pic below you can see a loose rubber grommet around the wire going to the side stand switch (you can also see it in all the pics in the chapter on oil leak). One might think that this grommet should be stuck somewhere protecting the wire. Well, it turns out it is not, this is a superfluous grommet with no purpose whatsoever, probably because the same part is used on another bike where it is needed.

Just ignore it. Or cut it and remove it to gain a few grams…

Water/Fog in instrument panel

Happened to a few bikes, panel replaced at first service. On some bike this made the panel die completely. Those panels are probably not fully waterproof, air inside expand and escapes when hot, and then fresh air is pulled from the outside when temp is cooling. This fresh air condenses, creating the fog.

Image from Johan Viljoen‎ on the Facebook group KTM 790 Adventure
Image from Igor Borisenko on the Facebook group KTM 790 Adventure

Fuel gauge not working

Initial batch of bikes were incorrectly configured–reports are that the 790 Duke fuel tank settings were used, confusing the fuel gauge. If the fuel gauge doesn’t work, ask your dealer to fix.

This failure mode is easy to spot. If the instrument panel indicates an empty fuel tank but the range indicator indicates many miles/kilometers available as the picture below shows then your bike is affected.

Example of fuel gauge not working properly.

In the US (where they use weird unit of measure) it is possible for the dealer to switch the bikes to miles but for them to forget to switch the fuel cons to mpg. Those are controlled by two separate settings in the menu. Easy to fix, but may be confusing.

KTM MY RIDE not working

Impossible to pair your phone? Navigation not showing? Go to the dealer for a software update. KTM MY RIDE with Navigation should be included on all versions of the 790 Adventure. And early versions were not working properly.

Double check the bash plate install

The bash plate is not installed at the factory, it is a dealer job to put it on when uncrating the bike. At least one dealer installed it incorrectly, not installing a bracket (#5 below). While you’re at it check that the canister vent is correctly clipped.

Source: KTM Spare Parts Catalog: Chassis

Brake light permanently on

Some bikes are delivered with a fault where the brake light is permanently on. A trip to the dealer to fix is the usual response. One report was traced to a faulty ABS sensor which requires removing the tank for access.

Suggestion from Askar Aiteliyev on the Facebook group KTM 790 Adventure : “High pressure in the ABS line, make short 10 min trip with short braking front and rear. Will be fixed. Same will be done by dealer.”

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