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Cruise control

Cruise control is an option on the S and the R, and standard on the Rally (some early rally had the Cruise control incorrectly disabled).

Enabler code (p/n 63500980000) costs about £220, plus a replacement for the four-way combination switch which includes cruise switch (p/n 76011270100), about £78. Total about £300.

Something to be aware off: the cruise control is connected to the traction control: if the road you’re on triggers the traction control to intervene the cruise control will automatically disconnect. This is probably a safety feature, but might catch you by surprise if you go over a bump.

Order the combination switch early, stocks are low and the part may take more than a month to arrive. Your dealer can activate CC without the switch and you can install it later, but in that case  there is a simple procedure to follow to sync the hardware switch with the software (thanks to CrazyCole on for the details):

  • Switch on the ignition
    • Cruise control system indicator lamp flashes
  • Press the newly installed control tip switch to the left for 3 seconds
  • Press the cruise control tip switch to position RES/+ for 3 seconds
  • Press the cruise control tip switch to position SET/- for 3 seconds
  • Turn the throttle grip forward past the neutral position (Force it forward a bit, there is a switch on the throttle to disconnect the cruise control if you forcefully decelerate)
    • The cruise control system indicator lamp should go out
  • Switch off the ignition

There is a video showing how to install the combination switch and enabling it.

If the cruise control doesn’t work, and never engage, there could be multiple reasons:

  • The most likely one is that the bikes thinks your brakes are on (see the faulty ABS sensor article)
  • It is possible that the clutch switch, under the clutch lever, is either disconnected, moved or broken (Can happen when installing aftermarket levers for example). See the specific paragraph about it in the brake/clutch control article.
  • Also, if for some reason your yellow warning light is on on your dashboard, it causes the CC to stop working (For example some “engine management upgrades” make you unplug sensors, and the CC will not work with those unplugged).

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