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Cruise control

Cruise control is an option on the S and the R, and standard on the Rally (some early rally had the Cruise control incorrectly disabled).

Enabler code (p/n 63500980000) costs about £220, plus a replacement for the four-way combination switch which includes cruise switch (p/n 76011270100), about £78. Total about £300.

Something to be aware off: the cruise control is connected to the traction control: if the road you’re on triggers the traction control to intervene the cruise control will automatically disconnect. This is probably a safety feature, but might catch you by surprise if you go over a bump.

Order the combination switch early, stocks are low and the part may take more than a month to arrive. Your dealer can activate CC without the switch and you can install it later, but in that case  there is a simple procedure to follow to sync the hardware switch with the software (thanks to CrazyCole on for the details):

  • Switch on the ignition
    • Cruise control system indicator lamp flashes
  • Press the newly installed control tip switch to the left for 3 seconds
  • Press the cruise control tip switch to position RES/+ for 3 seconds
  • Press the cruise control tip switch to position SET/- for 3 seconds
  • Turn the throttle grip forward past the neutral position (Force it forward a bit, there is a switch on the throttle to disconnect the cruise control if you forcefully decelerate)
    • The cruise control system indicator lamp should go out
  • Switch off the ignition

There is a video showing how to install the combination switch and enabling it.

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