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Power connectors

Where to find them

There are two pairs of connectors you can use to power accessories pulling less than 10Amp (GPS, Heated grips…) either switched by ignition or permanent. Those are documented in the manual.

Two are under the seat, and an easy reach.

Two are inside the headlight housing and are more complicated to access:

  • The manual points to the access hatch under the headlight housing where those should be accessible. On the R accessing the hatch requires removing the mud guard. But unfortunately, on most bikes the wires are tucked in in a way that make this access impractical.
  • Another way to access is to dismantle the headlight, this takes a lot of screws, a lot of swearing, and solving the enigma of how to remove the metal bar. When you’ve done it once it become easier, and there are great how-to to get you there. The beginning of this video is a step by step removal of the complete front headlight; for the purpose of accessing the power plug there is too much dismantling, but it covers all the bases.
  • Another alternative reported to work is to access the wires by disconnecting the headlight from the frame, 6 screws, pull it. Putting everything back in is the larger challenge, having another set of hand to help is not superfluous.

In all cases use loctite on all screws on reassembly.

What to connect and where

Most of the accessories for a motorcycle should be connected to switched power to prevent emptying the battery. But both accessory plugs are sharing one 10 amps fuse. In general this is plenty enough: a GPS will pull less than an amp, heated grips around 3 amps. But if you are accessory happy and you plug a GPS, heated grips, heated vest, comfort heated seats, heated boot soles and a set of high power lights you may end up pulling too much energy for the poor fuse.

A simple way to double the available power is to add a relay to pull from the permanent power, which is on another 10 amp fuse. An explanation on how to do this is available on

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