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Additional front end support

There is an option to beef up the existing front end of the bike (lights, instrument cluster, GPS): everything is hold in place by four screws and the lower metallic support. There are some (very rare!) case of the posts on the frame breaking away during a fall.

TripleClampMoto developed a contraption to add more support to the front end posts on the frame (Price is moving often. I’ve seen as low as €62, and as high as €100. Check the site). In stainless, either just brushed or powder coated.

Camel ADV has a similar part as well ($80). In silver of black. Stainless powder coated.

And Rottweiler joined the fray with their own interpretation of the same device ($80): This one only braces the top mounts (as the bottom ones sees compression instead of forward tension for the top one?). They claim it’s a better design than a piece of sheet metal.

Annnd another one, this one from Spain. In orange or black, to color coordinate with the frame of the S or the R… Very simple and the cheapest of the lot, at €55.

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