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All the seats below are interchangeable between the R and the S. The R seat and the S seat in high position are exactly the same height if installed on the same bike. In lower position the S seat height drops by 20mm.

Note that the seat height is not everything. The S seat is wider than the R seat, making it harder to slide and reach the floor, so on the same bike the S seat will seems higher. Same thing about the low seat, it is only 5mm lower than the S seat in low position, but it is narrower, making it easier to flat foot. And the same for the tall rally seat, it is tapered at the top, making it easy to slide sideways to put a feet on the ground, despite sitting higher than all the other seats.

Also, contrary to some other models, and like the heated grips, the heated seats are not controlled in the bike’s menu, but simply by push buttons. The driver’s one is supposed to be installed on the removable tab on the right side of the dashboard. See the manual.

Here are the KTM seats available on powerparts:

SeatPart numberSeat height SSeat Height RPrice (estimate)
Tall Rally seat, black63507941000870mm900mm £180
Tall Rally seat, orange63507941000EB870mm900mm £180
Single piece R seat63507140000850mm880mm£116
Two part S seat63507040000 (front)
63507047000 (pillion)
830mm (low)
850mm (hight)
860mm (low)
880mm (hight)
£116 each
Two part Ergo heated seat63507940000 (front)
63507947000 (pillion)
830mm (low)
850mm (hight)
860mm (low)
880mm (hight)
£270 (front)
£220 (rear)
Low seat63507942000825mm855mm £180

Install reports: Ergo Heated seat (check this thread for how the button works: Orange is off, green is low, red is high). Rally seat (orange)

Some heights for the seat on the S. Add 30mm for the R

Rebel X Sport propose a rally seat cover with logos on all sides to put on the R seat. This is a permanent transformation, the original cover is completely removed.

Seat concepts offers a bunch of one piece seats, with different heights, for $300 to $320 each. Warning, the low version has been described as “might as well be sitting on a piece of wood” by an owner who got rid of it.

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