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  • Standard on S models: High clear windshield 63508008000 about £80
  • Standard on R models: Low tinted windshield 63508108000 about £67
  • Standard on R Rally models: Low clear windshield <not available yet>

You can replace the annoying bolt holding the windshield in place by a nice one, but it’s $15 which is a tad expensive for a glorified M5 bolt!

Photo by Shannon Fieler on FB.

I addition of replacement screens below, some manufacturers are proposing complete replacement of the whole tower, rally style.

A lot of people are very satisfied by little blade deflectors on top of the original windshield.

Puig has a touring screen available, €103, larger than the KTM options in clear, smoke and dark smoke colors. There is a one paragraph review at advrider: first impressions are: good for the road, but wobbly off-road.

Madstad is also offering a 790 Adventure specific screen, in different size, and adjustable. From $230.

Rade garage is selling a rally style screen, opening the cockpit more and including a GPS mount. €190.

MRA in Germany added two windshields, sport an touring, the second also available with an optional spoiler. €120 to €160.

GIVI has a whole collection of sliding windshield of sorts.

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