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Interesting third party luggage

The choices are:

  • Go with saddlebags with no hard support. Cheaper than the other solutions, but these will scratch the side plastics, and volume will be limited. Probably a good idea to remove the side plastics for those for a narrower bike. Depending on size those may require additional protection for the exhaust (Enduristan Inferno or similar)
  • Installing a scaffolding to get side racks in place. On the racks one can attach aluminium boxes or soft bags. This also has the side effect of protecting the back of the bike and most notably the exhaust in case of spills. Can support lots of storage, but can be very wide, especially on the exhaust side.
  • Installing touring panniers. With small inconspicuous side rails. Those are intended for road use, basically the same hardware as on the 790 Duke,  sit very high, and are less robust than proper adventure side rack. If you don’t plan to do any off roading this may be a good choice.

KTM offers side racks, Touratech panniers, and touring panniers. See the KTM luggage page.

Third party options below.


From Australia, they make saddle bags and support frames down under (Frame AU$400, with two large bags AU$850).


Bumot (Based in Bulgaria) makes a complete setup for the 790 ADV with racks, various top box, hard or soft panniers… See a happy customer review. All BUMOT panniers system are symmetrical, aka the pannier on the right side is smaller. Four options for pannier systems for KTM790, 3 hard, one soft:

  • 35L / 31L – Width 92 cm
  • 40L / 36L – Width 98 cm
  • 45L / 41L – Width 104 cm
  • Xtremada soft panniers are 35&31L and the width is almost same as 35&31L hard panniers – about 92cm.


Very nice soft luggage from Switzerland with a lot of offerings, all waterproof. The Blizzard soft saddlebags fit fine, under or over the seat. The Tail bag is a great mini-top box for offroading. The monsoon can be attached to side racks. Their tank bags are nice, for road use with a need for a lot of volume the 4A with its concave bottom is a good fit; For off-road smaller sizes like the 4H or 4S give more space to the rider. The French dealer has a specific page for the 790 ADV with pics.

Giant loop

They sells rackless U shaped bags of various sizes (handles needs to be removed for those, they also sell a set of spacers to do so) and also offer mototrekk soft bags to install on any racks. US based.

Happy Trail

Paniers and rack from a small company in the US.


Paniers rack, associated panniers, top cases, racks, crash bars… German quality.


From Poland, Holan is another alternative. With racks and panniers. Very narrow solution. And they list widths and weights for their options which is nice. Early models used to require the removal of side plastics, this has been updated.


UK based Kriega has a complete soft luggage solution with bags for all purposes. I’m a fan of this page in German just for the pictures of the Kriega/Enduristan setups Light/Adventure/Touring/Campervan 🙂

Kriega released a specific OS-Platform Base for KTM Adventure bikes, which is perfect for the 790. Available at your retailer (france for example) but not yet listed on Kriega web site.


US based Mosko makes a variety of luggage as well, the rackless Moto R40 / R80 have been recommended on the forums. U shaped luggage like those works better once the handles are removed (replace them with spacers) and will scratch the hell out of the plastic.

Outback motortek

Makes two type of racks, with or without rotopax mounts and tabs. ($210/$300 depending on model). Apparently not compatible with the Akrapovic exaust.


Rade/Garage is making panniers racks designed for solo riding, their racks move the pannier lower and forward compared to other providers, making for a better weight distribution. €250 for the racks.


From South Africa, makes panier racks, with multiple options as for width, finish, and attached bags.


German SW-Motech published their full 790 ADV part list, and it is very long. Or interest are the quick disconnect pannier rack. Distributed worldwide.


US manufacturer of racks and panniers. From $375 to $460 for a complete set. The Pilot soft bags ($149) are good for the price to attach on any racks (but not waterproof).

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