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Luggage racks and top boxes

The rear rack shipping with the bike is not great. Attaching a roll bag is not obvious: attachment points are not aligned and only on the side… The attachment points are the same as the KTM 1X90, most racks for those bikes should fit on the 790 (warning however: the length of the bolts are different, 1X90 bolts are too long for the 790).

There are two common uses for a rear rack: Attaching a soft bag sideways or lengthwise, or clipping a top box.

With KTM parts the first thing is to get a carrier plate (P/n 60612910044) for £113. And then plonk on it another parts depending on your needs:

  • Rear rack: A very large rack with a lot of attachment points to put any kind of bag.
    • Rack: (P/n 60312978044) costs £87. This rack is very wide.
    • Carrier plate (P/n 60612910044) for £113
    • Total ~£200
  • KTM 48L top box. Basic top box :
    • Top box itself (P/n 62012927000) about £261.
    • Carrier plate (P/n 60612910044) for £113
    • additional carrier mount (P/n 60312927000) on top of the plate, about £43,
    • Total ~£425
  • KTM touring top case, a smart looking 36-litre top box
    • Top box itself (P/n 63512929544) about £437.
    • Carrier plate (P/n 60612910044) for £113
    • Total £550.
  • Black aluminium 38L Touratech top box:
    • Top box itself (P/n 63512929044), about £393
    • Carrier plate (P/n 60612910044) for £113
    • This needs an additional carrier mount (P/n 63512927044), about £87
    • Don’t forget the locks, they are not included in the price.
    • Total £600+

Third parties do excellent solutions in this space, simpler and cheaper.

For example the perun moto rack allows for mounting with or without the handles, and can be accessorized to mount various top boxes from Givi/Kapa/Rotopax/SWMotech/Kriega… $129 plus shipping from Serbia ($32 for Europe).

Bumot makes a rack and an aluminium topcase for a little less than €400 in two sizes (30L or 43L) and various finishes.

BDCW also makes a simple aluminium rack for $175. This one requires the removal of the handles.

SW Motech has tons of products for the 790.

Outback motrotek and Altrider are both making luggage racks.

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