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790 S vs 790 R vs 790 R Rally

This lists all the differences between the R, the S and the R Rally. All the rest is strictly identical. The R Rally is a limited edition, with 500 units.

So far the 2019 and the 2020 models seems identical (Rally is 2020 only). A careful look at the 2019 and 2020 parts number does show some changes however, all captured by Krussell on advrider.

Adventure SAdventure RAdventure R Rally
Chassis colorBlackOrangeOrange
Tank ColorBlackBlackDark blue
Steering rake25,9°26,3°?
Forknon-adjustable 43mm conventional open-cartridge WP Apexfully adjustable 48mm WP closed-cartridge XPLORfully adjustable 48mm WP cone valves XPLOR PRO 7548
Rear suspensionWP Apex PDS
Preload adjustment only
fully adjustable high and low-speed compression, rebound damping and preload
fully adjustable high and low-speed compression, rebound damping and preload
Suspension course200mm240mm270mm
Road clearance233mm263mm??
SeatTwo pieces
Rider  p/n 63507040000 ~£116Pillion p/n 63507047000, no price yet
One piece
p/n 63507140000, ~£116
Straight rally seat, one piece
Rear view mirrorsTriangular
Note third party mirror may need an adaptor.
Front fenderLow, tire hugging, front fender
P/n 63508910544 ~213 euro
High front fender, black
P/n 63508910044 ~150 euro
High front fender, white
RimsTubeless 2.50 x 21 (front) and 4.50 x 18 (rear)Tubeless 2.50 x 21 (front) and 4.50 x 18 (rear)Narrow, tube type rims (sizes?)
TiresAvon AV53 TrailriderMetzeler Karoo 3?
WindshieldHigh front screen, clear
P/n 63508008000 ~£80
Low front screen, smokedP/n 63508108000 ~£67Low front screen, clear (with clear winglets)
Side plasticsWhite (rear) and either Orange or White (front)Black (rear) and White (front)White front and rear.
Rear RackStandardStandardOption
Rally modeOptionStandard<assumed to be standard>
Akrapovič ExhaustOptionOptionStandard
Tank protectorPlasticPlasticCarbon
FootrestStandard, with removable rubberStandard, with removable rubberRally footrests
Cruise ControlOptionOptionStandard

See the high definition press images of the various models.

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