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790 S vs 790 R vs 790 R Rally

This lists all the differences between the R, the S and the R Rally. All the rest is strictly identical. The R Rally is a limited edition, with 500 units.

So far the 2019 and the 2020 models seems identical (Rally is 2020 only). A careful look at the 2019 and 2020 parts number does show some changes however, all captured by Krussell on advrider.

Adventure SAdventure RAdventure R Rally
Frame colorAll BlackAll OrangeOrange Frame, Black rear subframe.
Tank ColorBlack Tinted rotomolded plasticBlack Tinted rotomolded plasticWhite Tinted rotomolded plastic painted blue
Battery coverBlackBlackOrange
p/n 63511054010EB
Steering rake25,9°26,3°26.3º
Forknon-adjustable 43mm conventional open-cartridge WP Apexfully adjustable 48mm WP closed-cartridge XPLORfully adjustable 48mm WP cone valves XPLOR PRO 7548
Rear suspensionWP Apex PDS
Preload adjustment only
fully adjustable high and low-speed compression, rebound damping and preload
fully adjustable high and low-speed compression, rebound damping and preload
Suspension travel200mm240mm240mm (rear) 270mm (front)
Ground clearance233mm263mm273mm*
(more details)
Two Part seatSingle piece seatTall Rally seat, Orange
Rear view mirrorsTriangular
Note third party mirror may need an adaptor.
Front fender/mudguardLow, tire hugging, front fender
P/n 63508910544 ~213 euro
High front fender, black
P/n 63508910044 ~150 euro
High front fender, white
RimsTubeless 2.50 x 21 (front) and 4.50 x 18 (rear)Tubeless 2.50 x 21 (front) and 4.50 x 18 (rear)Tube Type 2.15 x 21 (front) 4 x 18 (rear)
(more details)
Avon AV53 TrailriderMetzeler Karoo 3Metzeler Karoo 3, same model as the R, but mounted with inner tubes.
(more details)
High front screen, clearLow front screen, smokedLow front screen, clear (with clear winglets)
Side plasticsWhite (rear) and either Orange or White (front)Black (rear) and White (front)White front and rear. And an Orange battery cover instead of black.
Rally modeOptionStandardStandard
Akrapovič ExhaustOptionOptionStandard
Tank protectorPlasticPlasticCarbon
FootpegStandard, with removable rubberStandard, with removable rubberRally footpegs
Cruise ControlOptionOptionStandard
* The ground clearance is listed at 303mm in the 2020 Manual, but this number seems incorrect. See the note about numbers in the seat article.

See the high definition press images of the various models.

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