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Crap flap

There is a big hole right behind the front wheel where mud and stone love to collect. There are report of riders in dry places having grass accumulating there and catching fire against the headers.

The prototype bikes and demo bikes in Morrocco were all equipped with a piece of metal to cover it.

Note that some replacement skid plates are going to cover this space, if you plan to add crash bars or third party skid plate check that you can still install those covers.

There is one on listed on the powerparts catalog (p/n 63503991044, €70, and note that the picture in the catalog is not exactly like the real thing) and third party jumped in to fill the gap.

KTM crap flap (Photo Anders F. Eriksson)

One can make their own filler with a piece of mesh from any source, as this example.

Sweetlamb KTM Adventure Bike Experience <> developed a model for their bike in 3mm black HDPE, and are selling the result on ebay for £35, plus £2 shipping.

Sweetlamb KTM Adventure Bike Experience HDPE crap flap

There is another model, aluminium, branded by the company terratech, also available on ebay for $56 + $10 shipping for US/EU. Includes pop rivets as mounting kit.

Terratek crap flap

An outfit call vit garage published a KTM branded one on Facebook. Contact to order. €60 + shipping from Portugal, includes mounting kit.

Ready to race crap flap

And another one from coober, €59. Includes pop rivet as mounting kit.

Coober crap flap

And Bumot too, from Bulgaria (no price yet)

Bumot crap flap – Pic from niksami on advrider

Another one from Braaap! on adv rider. Lasercut 2mm aluminium. Including mount hardware and postage, $50 for the mill finish, $65 for a satin black finish. Contact via DM on advrider for more details or ordering.

Braaap! flap in mill finish.

The most recent entry, if you like the Venetian blind look is this thing from twalcom, available in various colors including “racing orange” (note also the black bash plate of unknown origin).

Twalcom flap in lurid racing orange.

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