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Recent updates

December 8 2019

  • Updated the power article with a link to a video showing how to dismantle the headlight.
  • Updated the price of the Chappel bash plate (It’s going down!)
  • Added a bit about the interaction of the cruise control with the traction control.
  • Added a link to seal cleaning advice.
  • Added a whole article on Navigation towers.
  • I’ve installed heated grips on my bike, using the Slaven Racing throttle tube: Works, but the tube needs part of it to be ground away.

November 28 2019

November 18 2019

  • Added an entry about the much discussed clutch issues on some rare bikes..

November 14 2019

  • The feature you don’t know you wanted until you see it in action: the picture on the home page now rotates through the various models. Fancy…

November 12 2019

  • Added more info about the ergo seat, and a link to seat concepts.
  • Added the ergo seat install manual.
  • Added a link to the GPR “compatible” exhaust melting the turn signal.
  • Added the AltRider skid plate.
  • Added a small note about the SWMotech centerstand clanking noise.
  • Added link to installs of the GIVI light mounts.
  • Added a link to an install video of the AS3 skid plate

Halloween edition

October 30 2019

Site update

This site has been hacked a week or so ago. And was for a while serving spam according to some geo localization rules. Of course my own geo location was not targeted, so I didn’t notice at all… Thanks to the people who send me messages to let me know.

After a fine tuned scan of the site pages I found weird code in plenty of places. I still don’t know how the intrusion happened, but after cleaning up the mess I installed supplemental security measures, turned off a bunch of services I didn’t use, and buttoned up the installation.

If you were affected by the outage, please accept my apologies. I hate spammers, and being ambushed while visiting my site is not something I wished to happen.

October 27 2019

  • Updated centerstand with more details about the TrailStar gadget.
  • Updated bash plates.
  • Added BDCW rear rack.
  • Fixed an error about the non-compatibility of levers from the duke 790.
  • Completely revamped the seats article with the seat height of all KTM options on both models.

October 24 2019

October 19 2019

October 13 2019

October 6 2019

  • Reformated the GPS mount page, fixed the erroneous price on the Vanasche billet aluminium mount.

October 4 2019

October 1st 2019

September 25 2019

  • I get it people: Vanasche is a US company. Sorry. Stop sending me emails.
  • Two new bashplates (and I know, rade garage is planning one in carbon, but until it is somewhere I can link to, it’s not in the FAQ).

September 24 2019

September 21 2019

September 20 2019

September 10 2019

September 6 2019

September 5 2019

  • Added the Twalcom offering to crap flap (Thanks Henning for the link!)

August 29 2019

August 26 2019

August 25 2019

August 22 2019

August 17 2019

August 13 2019

August 12 2019

August 10 2019

August 9 2019

July 29 2019

July 24 2019

  • GPS mount Added KTM official mount
  • Slip on: Added Rade Garage Shanon exhaust, updated GPR with video. Cleaned up all the links.
  • Bottom protection: Added the SW-motech engine guard.
  • Added this page as a link to new stuff.

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