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Category: Early faults

The first batch of 790 Adventure suffered some common issues. Those will be fixed over time, but if you get a new bike it’s a good idea to check if you are affected by some.

Fuel gauge not working

Initial batch of bikes were incorrectly configured–reports are that the 790 Duke fuel tank settings were used, confusing the fuel gauge. All of those should have been fixed by a dealer reflash, most of 2019 and all 2020+ bikes should not be affected.

See the other fuel gauge article for details on how it works.

This failure mode is easy to spot. If the instrument panel indicates an empty fuel tank but the range indicator indicates many miles/kilometers available as the picture below shows then your bike is affected.

Example of fuel gauge not working properly.

In the US (where they use weird unit of measure) it is possible for the dealer to switch the bikes to miles but for them to forget to switch the fuel cons to mpg. Those are controlled by two separate settings in the menu. Easy to fix, but may be confusing.

Triple clamp not tight enough

Thomas Rosenwirth on FB noticed some movement in the front end of his bike. After a trip to the dealer the culprit was found to be the steering head screw not tightened enough. Manual says 18nm.

The same failure has been reported to me three times so far, this is not an isolated incident. The procedure to tighten it is available in the manual.

Fuel tank full of crap

Early bikes had a white residue deposit in the fuel tank. Probably some wax leftover from manufacturing. Extreme cases can block the fuel filter. Wax floats, if you fill your fuel tank and see white flakes at the surface get the bike to the dealer for a cleanup and filter change under warranty.

Apparently this is affecting only known serial number and KTM is asking dealers with the affected bikes to remove the tank and clean it, with a picture send to KTM to prove they did it. No customer should experience this at this point.

Image from Sirroslr on advrider KTM 790 adventure thread
Image from kempower2000 on advrider KTM 790 adventure thread

Another example scarce on details.

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