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Stuff that will not fit anywhere else.

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July 24:

  • GPS mount Added KTM official mount
  • Slip on: Added Rade Garage Shanon exhaust, updated GPR with video. Cleaned up all the links.
  • Bottom protection: Added the SW-motech engine guard.
  • Added this page as a link to new stuff.


The comments on this site are turned on, but are moderated and I will never publish them.

How come?

Well, the comments are an easy way to let me know that something is wrong in an article, allowing me to fix it quickly. But this space is not great for discussions. Think of it as a library: this is not the place to argue loudly about a subject, this is just a repository of knowledge.

So use the comments, but be aware that those are only a direct communication with me, just a little bit more convenient than email. I will work your comment in the text, or ignore it, or ask you for clarification.

Let me know if you want credit for your contribution by providing a link to an email, a profile, a web site…

And if you really want to argue, have a discussion, gather opinions, there are a number of forums you can use for this purpose.

About this FAQ

This FAQ is maintained by Éric Noyau, but its content is build on the wisdom of many 790 Adventure owners around the world.

I was first inspired to capture some information in one place after reading a post from from Tim Cullis on he made an awesome list of KTM parts that I thought was going to get buried in a thread. So I copy pasted it into a google doc for my own usage. And from then on every time I saw something interesting on a thread somewhere I added it to the same doc.

After a while the doc started to contain plenty of valuable information so I shared it on various forums. People liked it, send me some info to add or to clear up. But it was becoming unmaintainable in one big file with a rubbish URL impossible to memorize.

So I invested 15€ on a domain name, installed a new vhost on a server, started a new instance of WordPress and here we are.

And more importantly: YOU CAN HELP. If something is wrong, something is missing, please send me an email to, with links to the source. And if you want to help me maintain the site, sure, it’s also possible.

I wrote a privacy policy, please read it. Nothing fancy in there, just some explanation about what data is collected, why and where.