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Stuff that will not fit anywhere else.

What’s on my bike?

I’ve been asked what I installed on my bike as accessories and modifications. Here is the list. Some of these items were carried over from my previous bikes, or previous trips. Link goes where I bought the articles (I’m in France, so maybe not your best link if you live elsewhere).

I also acquired a set of 19/17″ road wheels, originally from a 1050 Adventure. Those bolted right on, I only had to find a rear brake disk, custom ABS rings, a 42 teeth sprocket and a set of road tires (Dunlop SPORTMAX ROADSMART III 110/80R19 59 V, and 150/70R17 69 V)

The awesome people I do recommend:

  • Ixtem-moto are the best. Michel’s team is always listening, and their service is top notch. I’ve been buying all my non specialized accessories from them for years. Best French distributor ever.
  • Louis, from Enduristan France, is also providing excellent service on their excellent luggage. I buy directly from them instead of going through Ixtem (sorry Michel) because Louis gives me a discount, for no good reason at all 🙂
  • I’ve talked quite a bit with Chris at Motominded, as when he designed their GPS support he used my design as a starting point. He improved it tenfold, and there’s not a lot left from me in their current product, but he was kind enough to give me the printing right for my own ABS cable protection in exchange. So thanks!
  • Perun Moto really do care about the quality of their products. Nikola Maletic, the owner, is very active on the forums, and evolves his products to make them better all the time.
  • Andrew Vanasche seriously care about his products. The design behind his GPS support is the best I’ve seen.
  • Ian Chappel (RIP) was a great bloke, making specialized parts not available anywhere else. He is missed.

Recent updates

February 27 2022

December 6 2021

August 6 2021

  • Added info about the Motoz tube with an offset valve to the rubber article.

July 13 2021

  • Added a new article about wheels.
  • Updated the info about my own bike to cover my new wheels.

April 27 2021

  • New recall for all models, with a necessary replacement of a spring in the front master cylinder.

February 8 2021

February 6 2021

September 26 2020

August 17 2020

July 31 2020

  • Added Sargent Seat to the Seat article, and reformatted it a bit while I was at it.
  • Updating the faulty ABS sensor article, linked it from the cruise control one, and added a bit about the possible cruise control failures, including the possibility of a broken clutch switch, detailed on the brake/cluch controls article.

July 20 2020

July 10, 2020

July 5, 2020

June 28, 2020

June 11, 2020

  • Added a link to Undingen Android app that can play Google maps directions on the dashboard.

June 7, 2020

June 4, 2020

  • Changed the title of the issue with the ABS sensor.

May 17, 2020

May 15, 2020

May 12, 2020

April 29, 2020

April 26, 2020

April 18, 2020

The confined edition: I don’t know about you, but I haven’t ridden in more than a month now. Stay at home, let’s beat this virus, so we can go ride again.

  • Fixed all the places where I used breaking instead of braking on the riding mode page. Plus some other very minor tweaks.
  • Small updates to the clutch failures article.
  • Added Aurora Rally to the list of replacement navigation towers.
  • Added a small comment on the Hepto-Becker crash bars.
  • Kriega offers a OS-Base specific to KTM bikes, added to luggage.
  • Added a new article about recalls, with details of the first recall on the 790 Adventure.
  • Added a warning about optical image stabilization breaking when a phone is attached to a handlebar.
  • Updated the tire article to add the specifics for the Rally.
  • Updated the model table with more rally info.
  • Added another possible source for a knob screw for the windshield.
  • Updated the TFT Fog issue with the news that KTM stopped replacing those while waiting for a new part number.
  • Added new options from Cyclops to the additional lights article.
  • Of course there is an accessory from Touratech to use the useless grommet on the side stand wire…
  • Updated the pics for the heated grips to show the correct sizes.

March 15 2020

The rate of updates will slow down a bit, please continue to send me content, nothing is lost, it’s just taking me a little more time to update the site.

February 18 2020

February 1 2020

  • A whole new article on riding modes, going in depth into the configuration of all the various electronics aids.
  • Added the MotoPumps articulated GPS mount to the long list of GPS mounts.
  • Updated the Alarm system with more links.

January 13 2020

January 5 2020

  • Happy new year and good rides to everyone
  • Added a section on how to double the power available from the switched accessory connectors.
  • Added a link to great research on the minute differences between 2019 and 2020 models.
  • Added MRA as a windshield option.
  • The Chappel bottom protection is now fabricated in NZ Under license specifically for that market.

December 24 2019

  • Added instructions for opening the fuel cocks. Useful if you think you’re out of fuel.

December 23 2019

December 17 2019

  • Changed the picture for the Altrider bash plate, and took the opportunity to revamp the whole article as it was a little long.
  • Added the Touratech GPS Mount.
  • Updated luggage with some Tusk offerings.
  • Added the weird GIVI tank bag mount.

December 12 2019

December 10 2019

  • Moved some articles from one category to another: Horn and Aux lights to electrical, ABS cable protection to protections. Old URLs are redirected, your bookmarks are safe.

December 8 2019

  • Updated the power article with a link to a video showing how to dismantle the headlight.
  • Updated the price of the Chappel bash plate (It’s going down!)
  • Added a bit about the interaction of the cruise control with the traction control.
  • Added a link to seal cleaning advice.
  • Added a whole article on Navigation towers.
  • I’ve installed heated grips on my bike, using the Slaven Racing throttle tube: Works, but the tube needs part of it to be ground away.

November 28 2019

November 18 2019

  • Added an entry about the much discussed clutch issues on some rare bikes..

November 14 2019

  • The feature you don’t know you wanted until you see it in action: the picture on the home page now rotates through the various models. Fancy…

November 12 2019

  • Added more info about the ergo seat, and a link to seat concepts.
  • Added the ergo seat install manual.
  • Added a link to the GPR “compatible” exhaust melting the turn signal.
  • Added the AltRider skid plate.
  • Added a small note about the SWMotech centerstand clanking noise.
  • Added link to installs of the GIVI light mounts.
  • Added a link to an install video of the AS3 skid plate

Halloween edition

October 30 2019

Site update

This site has been hacked a week or so ago. And was for a while serving spam according to some geo localization rules. Of course my own geo location was not targeted, so I didn’t notice at all… Thanks to the people who send me messages to let me know.

After a fine tuned scan of the site pages I found weird code in plenty of places. I still don’t know how the intrusion happened, but after cleaning up the mess I installed supplemental security measures, turned off a bunch of services I didn’t use, and buttoned up the installation.

If you were affected by the outage, please accept my apologies. I hate spammers, and being ambushed while visiting my site is not something I wished to happen.

October 27 2019

  • Updated centerstand with more details about the TrailStar gadget.
  • Updated bash plates.
  • Added BDCW rear rack.
  • Fixed an error about the non-compatibility of levers from the duke 790.
  • Completely revamped the seats article with the seat height of all KTM options on both models.

October 24 2019

October 19 2019

October 13 2019

October 6 2019

  • Reformated the GPS mount page, fixed the erroneous price on the Vanasche billet aluminium mount.

October 4 2019

October 1st 2019

September 25 2019

  • I get it people: Vanasche is a US company. Sorry. Stop sending me emails.
  • Two new bashplates (and I know, rade garage is planning one in carbon, but until it is somewhere I can link to, it’s not in the FAQ).

September 24 2019

September 21 2019

September 20 2019

September 10 2019

September 6 2019

September 5 2019

  • Added the Twalcom offering to crap flap (Thanks Henning for the link!)

August 29 2019

August 26 2019

August 25 2019

August 22 2019

August 17 2019

August 13 2019

August 12 2019

August 10 2019

August 9 2019

July 29 2019

July 24 2019

  • GPS mount Added KTM official mount
  • Slip on: Added Rade Garage Shanon exhaust, updated GPR with video. Cleaned up all the links.
  • Bottom protection: Added the SW-motech engine guard.
  • Added this page as a link to new stuff.


The comments on this site are turned on, but are moderated and I will never publish them.

How come?

Well, the comments are an easy way to let me know that something is wrong in an article, allowing me to fix it quickly. But this space is not great for discussions. Think of it as a library: this is not the place to argue loudly about a subject, this is just a repository of knowledge.

So use the comments, but be aware that those are only a direct communication with me, just a little bit more convenient than email. I will work your comment in the text, or ignore it, or ask you for clarification.

Let me know if you want credit for your contribution by providing a link to an email, a profile, a web site…

And if you really want to argue, have a discussion, gather opinions, there are a number of forums you can use for this purpose.

About this FAQ

This FAQ is maintained by Éric Noyau, but its content is build on the wisdom of many 790 Adventure owners around the world.

I do not intend to update this FAQ for the 890. I do not own a 890, and nobody volunteered to update everything for the 890. This site is going to stay up for future owners of used 790 looking for info.

I was first inspired to capture some information in one place after reading a post from from Tim Cullis on he made an awesome list of KTM parts that I thought was going to get buried in a thread. So I copy pasted it into a google doc for my own usage. And from then on every time I saw something interesting on a thread somewhere I added it to the same doc.

After a while the doc started to contain plenty of valuable information so I shared it on various forums. People liked it, send me some info to add or to clear up. But it was becoming unmaintainable in one big file with a rubbish URL impossible to memorize.

So I invested 15€ on a domain name, installed a new vhost on a server, started a new instance of WordPress and here we are.

And more importantly: YOU CAN HELP. If something is wrong, something is missing, just leave a comment with links to the source. And if you want to help me maintain the site, sure, it’s also possible.

I wrote a privacy policy, please read it. Nothing fancy in there, just some explanation about what data is collected, why and where.