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GPS mount

See the article on power to connect the GPS.

KTM part

The most viewable place is above the TFT screen where the “Remove for GPS Mount” is. There is a part from KTM (p/n 63512992044, €58) but there is reports of some instability. Some others seem happy with it however.

KTM Official GPS support

Drill Hack

In a pinch you can drill the part on the bike to put a RAM ball. This has been reported to be weak as the plastic part is not designed for it, and it causes vibration with large GPS. Innovative reinforcements have been implemented (back plate, epoxy glue filling…). But the tabs connecting to the bike are definitely not designed for this kind of load, if you do something like this do tether your GPS for safety.

Ram ball screwed on GPS location – Krysař Krysař on Facebook

3D Print

Or you can print a support if you have access to a 3D printer, or pay to get it printed. It’s a simple wedge with an AMPS pattern on top and a hole to pass the power through. Check the page dedicated to self printing your GPS mount. Use with a B-Sized RAM ball on an AMPS pattern (RAM-B-347U), a short RAM Arm (RAM-B-201U-A) to a RAM ball fixed on the back of your device (Which for a Garmin device mount is probably another RAM-B-347U). But to tuck the GPS as much as possible a combination of a RAM ball on the GPS and a socket on the mount makes for the best clearance. The socket is not made by RAM, but can be found at various places online.

3D printed support in situ

MotoMinded took this 3D model, improved it, and is printing it in a sturdy material. The result is for sale for $22.

This is also now duplicated as a billet aluminium piece that you can find on aliexpress or similar sites for dirt cheap. It’s even using one of my picture on the sellers page. No link, as they never even asked for permission to use the design or my picture…

Chinese duplicate of the 3D insert version

There is another 3D printable model, only at shapeways (aka, you can’t print it yourself). It is in two parts, you have to buy both, and you’ll need one screw DIN912-M6x40 and 1 M6 hex nut. There is a suitable top for Garmin and Tom Tom, and adapters in 10, 20, 30mm are also available.

3D printed mount on shapeway

Vanasche Mount

The only mount machined from billet aluminium, with a design to pull the mount in place when tightening the screws, this is probably the most sturdy/stable mount available. Plus it allows for the cable to go down under it to get power. Available anodized orange or black. AMPS pattern. From Vanasche Motorsports, $100 (or Motominded). Also available down under for 170 $AU and in Europe from Offroad-Kontor (€120).


The most recent entry so far in the market, MotoPumps offers an articulated GPS mount with an AMPS pattern that mount itself on the stock plastic part with strong reinforcement below. $80 with free shipping in the US.


SW Motech now have a mount available, priced around €60. This projects very far back, over the TFT screen, the device can be mounted directly to the mount. The mount is removable, it clips to its base. It seems this setup wobbles a bit (video)

SWMotech mount


Givi has released a mount specific to the 790, putting a bar high up to fasten your devices to. Reference Givi FB 7710. There is no images in the product description on Givi’s page, but an ebay auction showed a couple of pics of the manual, see below. Around €40. This mount will only function if the original plastic part is present as it uses it to lock itself.

The Givi mount is hackable, one reader (hi Anders!) installed it rotated 180º to get closer to the screen (and higher), and reports that it can be drilled to eventually change the position of the bar. See pic below.

Givi FB7710 mounted at 180º with a lockable mount for a GPSMAP 276cx


Similar to the GIV mount, but narrower, and with possible adjustment of the bar, the company Lion in Colombia offers a simple metallic mount that grips the original plastic for stability. $60

Touratech mount

Touratech is making a simple mount ($75), putting a bar up on the dashboard to attach anything, but with a metallic base. In the picture it is mounted with a lockable Garmin mount.

Viejos Pistones

They have two different models, a simple wedge one (€25) and another articulated (€65).

Handlebar mounts

There is a handlebar mount from the 790 Duke that fits (P/n  64112992033, €40). But this put the GPS very low at a place where it is hard to read while riding.

KTM handlebar mount
Markus Ramirez/Facebook

On the handlebar there are other alternatives like the MotoMinded Stoutmount which is offering a little bit more flexibility in GPS placement.

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