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Fuel tank protection

The standard plastic covers are quite cheap to repair if scratched (about £35 each?). They seem to sustain impact abuse pretty well, but in case of slide on tarmac probably offers very little in term of abrasion resistance.

It’s also a good idea to inspect those protections from time to time for trapped gravel, as those may scratch the tank on a fall.

KTM offers a carbon fiber replacement in the catalog (p/n 63503990044, about £306) which is default equipment in the R Rally.

carbon fuel tank protection

In the UK Kodama composite is offering a carbon/kevlar cover to put on top of the existing plastic protection, adding the abrasion resistance (Kevlar is very resistant to abrasion, carbon by itself is not). £110. (source)

Rade/Garage makes swanky replacements for the tank protectors in carbon/kevlar. €279.

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